The Tribunal seeks a suitable candidate for the following position:

The Tribunal seeks suitably qualified candidates to fill in the following position:-

The National Consumer Tribunal (The Tribunal) was established in 2006 in terms of section 26(1) of the National Credit Act, No. 34 od 2005. The National Consumer Tribunal is an independent adjudicative body with jurisdiction throughout the Republic. Its purpose is to adjudicate on credit and consumer related matters provided for in the National Credit Act (NCA) and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), and to rule on alleged contraventions of these Acts.

Case Analyst                                                                            (NCT16/CA-002)

Position Reports to: Senior Case Analyst

Status: Permanent

Job Purpose:

The Case Analyst analyses cases and provides support to the Tribunal Members for cases and hearings. Further conducts research and develops reference and research papers contributing towards the effective administration of the business unit.  The Case Analyst furthermore assists with the management of cases filed at the Tribunal.

Requirements: LLB degree.*Extensive legal case analysis experience with strong administrative skills.*3 years relevant experience.*Good analytical skills.*Excellent (verbal and written) communication skills.*In-depth research skills*Good planning and organizing skills.*Legal interpretation and applications knowledge.*Project management skills.*Knowledge of common law and legislative instruments.

Key Responsibilities: Develop and update case templates which include procedural and substantive matters considered in case analysis and at a specific judgement;* Analyse cases and conduct research to be approved by the Senior Case Analyst (SCA) and should include national and international legislative, research and case law;*Ensure case analysis is accompanied by actual case file information for reference and case law considered in the analysis;*Develop and compile case reports for all matters heard  in line with required template to be submitted to the SCA for approval;*Capture and disseminate pre-conference hearing minutes in line with matters arising and include actions to Presiding Member and SCA.*Ensure that reference papers are generated for  all of the cases that have been allocated to the Senior Case Analyst,*Report on substantive and procedural issues identified from cases;*Ensure extensive research and case law is considered in the development of the research papers;*Conduct additional research that addresses legal, substantive and procedural areas that require additional research as per Tribunal member’s request;*Ensure the research proposals follow and addresses issues as per guidance of the required template.*Identify issues relating to the NCA and CPA appearing in the media and recent legal developments and case law arising from legislation and cases.*Compile practice notes not fully explored in the adjudication process; and provide policy inputs on the NCA and CPA;*Provide recommendations on issues that require amendments or policy input based on the cases that have been dealt with.* Assist with setting down cases for hearing and making hearing arrangement.* Assist with reporting and keeping of performance information *Attend, participate and contribute positively during capacity building workshops, and any other events;*Conduct presentations at workshops as and when required;*Actively participate in Tribunal task teams.

Records Officer                                                                        (NCT16/RO-003)

Position Reports to: Senior Records Officer

Status: Permanent

Job Purpose:

Ensure the timely and accurate distribution, referencing and filing of documents and correspondence; and ensure access to documents recorded. Capture cases into the Tribunal’s Case Management System

Requirements: Minimum qualification – Grade 12 * A post-matric Secretarial or Administration qualification would be an added advantage *Experience in Administration and Filing.*2 years’ working experience in an administrative and filing environment.*Good Computer skills.*Sound administration and archiving skills/ knowledge.*Excellent (verbal and written) communication skills.*Good interpersonal skills.*Good planning and organizing skills.

Key Responsibilities: Opening, verification and distribution of mail and files within day of receipt;*Accurately reference and classify all documents that have been received in line with the Records Classification Policy and Filing Plan;*Case related information distributed within the same day of receipt;*Ensure that all page documents are stamped; *Fax or e-mail all outgoing correspondence for all staff of the Tribunal.*File all documents within the day of receipt;*Index all files for documents received accordingly to the different sections identified;*Submit for review by the Senior Records Management Officer;*Update records on all files on a daily basis;*Ensure that finalised documents are scanned on the system before archiving;*Assist in identifying and compiling list cases for offsite storage;*Prepare documentation for off-site storage.*Make copies of case documents and any other documents as required (to be verified by the SRO);*Scan all case related documents on the same day they are received onto the case management system;*Manually distribute case information when electronic system is inoperative.*Prepare meeting packs;*Photocopying and bind documents;*Answer the reception desk telephone and relieve the Receptionist during lunch periods;*Perform any other tasks that may be required within the Registry unit;*Ensure that all functions as specified by the Registry policies are met;*Ensure compliance with all NCT policies and procedures;*Participate in staff meetings, workshops and sessions;*Compile information towards the quarterly report, risk and audit findings;*Proactively order stationery for the Unit according to the needs and level of use;*Issue requested stationery to staff and record issuing in stationery;*Reconcile the stationery usage against stationery bought.*Ensure that all equipment and machinery in Registry are in working condition,*Report any defects to the Senior Records Management Officer and liaise with the relevant service provider for repairs;*Review and recommend payment of photocopier and ensure that the numbers of copies are correct as per the invoice;*Ensure that the photocopier machine is working and is loaded with paper.

Please note:

  • No late applications will be considered.
  • The Tribunal reserves the right not to fill any of the positions.


  • The Tribunal will offer a competitive and market related salary to the successful candidate.

Submission of Applicants

·         Please email a detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) to

Closing Date: 20 May 2016