Fraud Hotline

We are committed to being an honest and ethical organisation.

If you have any suspicion or knowledge of fraud, unethical behaviour or theft within the NCT, call 0800 15 25 38.

 All calls to our hotline will be treated confidentially and your identity will always be protected.

Remember to have the following information at hand when calling our fraud hotline number 0800 15 25 38:

  • What has happened?
  • Who is involved or doing what?
  • How is it done and how often is it done?
  • Where is it done?
  • When was the incident observed? Give dates and times
  • Value involved. Give an estimated value.

You will be provided with a reference number by the operator. If you want feedback on your complaint, you can phone the Hotline again with your reference number. Keep this number in a safe place if you would like to find out what has happened to your report.

Call 0800 15 25 38 to report fraud now.

This hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Please note that this hotline is NOT to be used to report fraud that is occurring within another agency, company or organisation.
It is also NOT to be used to report any cases that you wish to submit with regard to the Consumer Protection Act or National Credit Act.

The line is to be used solely for reporting fraudulent activities within the NCT.